Dear Friend,


Since our inception in 2018, we’ve brought filmmakers, artists and immersive storytellers together to celebrate all things vanguard in one of the most iconic shooting locations in the world. Collaborating with some of the greatest programming and ops staff in the industry, we are more than proud of the boundary-pushing programming we put together. Running a festival in a small town comes with many challenges including larger transportation and housing costs, and harder-to-gain ticket sales, causing a greater reliance on third-party backing. Today we’re sad to share that due to a loss of a critical and consistent line of funding, we’ve made the hard decision to end the festival.


With that, we wanted to thank YOU for coming out to the movies and supporting us over the years. We’re insanely grateful for our found-family of Snoqualmie Valley locals, Seattelites and out-of-towners who showed up to create something magical in North Bend. A festival is only as good as its audience and we sincerely feel that we had some of the best patrons we could’ve asked for.


As one of our favorite collaborators Emmett Montgomery always says–“being an audience member is one of the most powerful forms of activism”. As such, we’d like to highlight some excellent festivals and organizations to get involved with or simply purchase a ticket from.



Lastly, a major shout out to the amazing staff and collaborators that have been a part of our journey.

Strangely yours,