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  • North Bend Theatre
  • August 17, 2019
  • Saturday, 2:45PM to 4:33PM

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North Bend Theatre

Saturday, 2:45PM to 4:33PM
August 17, 2019



North Bend Theatre

Saturday, 2:45PM to 4:33PM
August 17, 2019



Pacific Northwest Premiere

Poland | 2019 | 108 min | Dir. Jagoda Szelc

Expecting a regular Summer internship, 20 students wake up on a bus and are stripped of their names and identities, leaving them only with a number and the new clothes on their backs. In this new home that seems to bend time and space, they begin to acquire new skills from a mysterious hotel manager. Following up on her award-winning debut feature TOWER: A BRIGHT DAY, Polish filmmaker Jagoda Szelc teamed up with a group of acting school students in creating MONUMENT. What they created is a ritualistic and unpredictable mood piece. –Justin Timms


Director: Jagoda Szelc

Cast: Zuzanna Pawlak; Paulina Lasota; Karolina Bruchnicka; Anna Biernacik; Oskar Borkowski; Jakub Zajac; Mateusz Czwartosz; Jakub Gola

Producer: Agata Golanska

Screenwriter:  Jagoda Szelc 

Cinematographer: Przemyslaw Brynkiewicz

Editor: Anna Garncarczyk

Composer: Rafal Nowak