Something Strange - North Bend Film Festival
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Something Strange

Shorts Program #1

2018 | 80 Min | Dirs. Various
Thursday, August 23 | 9:15PM | North Bend Theatre

Sometimes stories are told to make sense of a nonsensical world, to impose logic on life’s confusion. Sometimes stories celebrate this bewilderment, utilizing the strange and unexpected instead of explaining it. These surreal short films feature superheroes, tampon monsters, vengeful robots, hungry forests, ghastly futures and purgatorial loops. Collected together, this block captivates as much as it challenges convention.

—Mallory O’Meara


END TIMES, dir. Bobby Miller

After randomly stumbling across a dying squirrel in a public park, a man’s day goes from odd to WTF in this delightfully morbid comedy from the director of THE CLEANSE.


LOVELY LEGS, dir. Abby Thompson

In an isolated forest, a young man is ready to finally part ways with his female sex robot. As they say, though, it’s always hard to say goodbye.


OVUM, dir. Cidney Hue

Undergoing a mind-altering medical procedure, a woman is forced to make the toughest decision of her life.


A FOREST, dir. Thomas Geffrier

Ready to keep the good times going, Marie leaves a party with a couple en route to a hot threesome. She’ll soon wish that she’d have just gone home alone.


CIRCLE, dir. Martin Melnick

Loosely based on the myth of Eurydice, this off-kilter, genre-bending allegory follows a woman whose past traumas send on a fateful and dangerous trip through Purgatory.


ALLEN ANDERS, dir. Laura Moss

During an infamous on-stage performance in 1987 at New York City’s Comedy Castle, stand-up comic Allen Anders lost his mind. This is the uncovered footage.


BFF GIRLS, dir. Brian Lonano

A trio of nerdy American girls transform into powerful and fearless Japanese superheroes in order to take down a villainous tampon monster. A coming-of-age tale like none other.