Searching Eva

Feature Film

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  • North Bend Theatre
  • August 18, 2019
  • Sunday, 4:55PM to 6:19PM

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Searching Eva

North Bend Theatre

Sunday, 4:55PM to 6:19PM
August 18, 2019


Searching Eva

North Bend Theatre

Sunday, 4:55PM to 6:19PM
August 18, 2019


Searching Eva

Pacific Northwest Premiere

Germany | 2019 | 84 min | Dir. Pia Hellenthal

Notice: Contains Graphic Sexual Content



Eva is a real-life sex workerfeminist by definition, vagabond and internet star. In this documentary feature by German director Pia Hellenthal, viewers are invited to peer into Eva’s daily life in Berlin, through her eyes and in her own voice. Pushing past the walls of censorship and societal constructs, SEARCHING EVA is a boundary-pushing and moving exploration into harnessing sexual autonomy and empowerment in a 21st century world.  – Hugues Barbier



Director: Pia Hellenthal

Cast: Eva Collé

Producer: Martin Roelly; Erik Winker

Screenwriter: Pia Hellenthal; Giorgia Malatrasi

Cinematographer: Janis Mazuch

Editor: Friederike Doerffler; Yana Höhnerbach; Lucas Schmidt

Composer: Falk Möller; Marcus Zilz 

Executive Producer: Natalie Farrey; Danny Gabai; Matt Ippolito; Giorgia Malatrasi; Bryn Mooser; Hayley Pappas; Benjamin Ruth