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  • North Bend Theatre
  • August 18, 2019
  • Sunday, 6:35PM to 8:10PM

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North Bend Theatre

Sunday, 6:35PM to 8:10PM
August 18, 2019



North Bend Theatre

Sunday, 6:35PM to 8:10PM
August 18, 2019



West Coast Premiere

Director Joe Begos in attendance

USA | 2019 | 80 min | Dir. Joe Begos



Dropped by her agent, visual artist Dezzy finds her coping mechanism for creative despair in a new uplifting drug on the market called Bliss. While her creativity seems to slowly enter back into her psyche, she soon begins to feel the drug’s sinister side-effects. Presented as a lovechild between Gaspar Noé and Jim Jarmusch, BLISS is a visual acid-trip set against a bold score by Steve Moore.–Hugues Barbier


Director: Joe Begos

Cast: Dora Madison; Tru Collins; Rhys Wakefield; Jeremy Gardner; Graham Skipper; Chris McKenna; Rachel Avery

Producer: Joe Begos; Josh Ethier; Lyle Kanouse; Caroline Metz; Graham Skipper; Audrey Wasilewski

Screenwriter: Joe Begos

Cinematographer: Mike Testin

Editor: Josh Ethier

Composer: Steve Moore

Executive Producer: Terry Shaikh